A preview of the Leading Edge – Fall/Winter 2018: A destination of preference

For students and patients alike, Detroit Mercy Dental provides unique experiences and opportunities.

The theme of the Fall/Winter 2018 edition of the Leading Edge focuses on the impact the School of Dentistry has on these two groups, sharing stories and testimonials of pupils and patients who have walked our hallways.

We invite you to learn about retired U.S. Navy Cmdr. Lynn Baughman who has been a patient of record for 13 years, noting the similarities of his training as a fighter pilot to that of a student. Or read the heartwarming story about Estelle Weaver, a working mom with big goals who received a life-changing smile.

We invite you to learn about the experiences of fourth-year dental students Dalia Hasso and Austin Stebbins, who each take us along on their journeys from ambitious and eager applicants to being months away from graduating. These students describe what learning at Detroit Mercy Dental has meant to each of them and how personal experiences along the way have them interested in drastically different career paths.

Each story anecdotally mentions how recent changes to the curriculum and clinic model have made learning and treatment more efficient and effective, but to help the reader better understand what these changes exactly are, we have included helpful, detailed infographics depicting the flow of each process.

Other highlights in this edition to look for include:

  • Jordan Hubbard, D.D.S. ’17 reflects upon her early career and whether she felt practice-ready at graduation
  • The meaning of mentorship: Nick Morse, DS4 describes the important influence he had from an alumni mentor as he pondered his career path and worked through dental school, and weighs decisions about his future
  • A detailed demographic profile of the Dental Class of 2022
  • Photos and recaps of exciting events since summer that have united and engaged the Detroit Mercy Dental family

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