SNDA Juneteenth Rally

On Friday, June 19, Detroit Mercy Dental’s Student National Dental Association (SNDA) led a rally at the gates of the Corktown Campus in solidarity against the police brutality happening in America with the recent murder of George Floyd at the forefront. SNDA Student President Christen Thompson said, “we gathered not only to pay our respects to George Floyd but to countless other people who have lost their lives to police brutality. We understood that George Floyd was merely the tip of the iceberg and refused to let the conversation begin and end with him.” 

This student-led rally included dental and dental hygiene students, faculty, staff and administrators, all showing their support for the cause, some bringing signs. Some went further and joined a community organized march for Black Live Matter directly after the rally. The demonstration was supported with much horn honking by passersby, photos and social media postings. “Overall, the experience really showed how the community appreciates when we show up for them. It was an amazing way to celebrate Juneteenth. Not only did we educate some of the participants on the significance of the day, but we provided them with a unique opportunity to show their solidarity,” said Thompson. The SNDA e-board members involved in the planning and execution of the SNDA Juneteenth Rally are, SNDA President Christen Thompson, Vice President Taylor Johnson and Secretary Lizette Rameriz.