Fourth-year dental student transforms smiles

Join us as we celebrate one of our recent graduates, Mohammed Shbib, DDS ’24. As a fourth-year student, Shbib showcased his passion for precision and esthetics with a beautiful anterior case. Here is what Dr. Shbib had to say about the experience:

During my time as a fourth-year dental student at UDM Dental, I was privileged to lead a technique-sensitive cosmetic case involving six anterior ceramic crowns. This case was a significant milestone, showcasing the trust and guidance from my esteemed mentors, Dr. Rasha Ali,  Dr. Mark Mortiere, Dr. Gary Bonior and  Dr. Dincer Gurun. 🤝 👨‍🏫

Mohamed Shbib, MBA, DDS '24

UDM Dental’s rigorous curriculum and hands-on clinical training have been instrumental in preparing me for real-world dental challenges. The diverse patient pool and state-of-the-art dental facilities at UDM have equipped me with the skills necessary to tackle complex cases with confidence. 🛠️ 😷

The journey through this case was challenging yet immensely fulfilling. The transformation of my patient’s smile was a profound reminder of why I chose this career path. 

Thank you to my clinic leads, everyone at UDM Dental, and especially to my family who supported me throughout this journey. Despite living far away, their encouragement and belief in my abilities have been my anchor. 🙏🏼 ⚓️ 

As I look forward to my career, my ambition is to become a distinguished dentist and continue making UDM proud. Ready to transform more smiles and make a lasting impact! 🌍 🙌🏼 👨🏻‍🎓

Mohamed Shbib, MBA, DDS ’24

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